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Key Publications


Reg Date Name
R20-1(I) 2 Jan 13 Organization of Civil Air Patrol
R35-5 22 Nov 16 CAP Officer and NCO Appointments and Promotions
R35-6 23 Jan 15 Operations Ratings, Awards and Badges
R36-1 4 Aug 16 Civil Air Patrol Nondiscrimination Program
M39-1 26 Jun 14 CAP Uniform Manual
ABU Wear 24 Oct 16 ABU Wear Instructions
R39-2 9 Jan 17 Civil Air Patrol Membership
R39-3 28 Dec 12 Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons and Certificates
R50-17 4 Jun 15 CAP Senior Member Professional Development Program
R60-1 1 Nov 19 Cadet Program Management
R60-2 1 Nov 19 Cadet Protection Program
R60-3 26 Dec 12 CAP Emergency Services Training and Operational Missions
R900-2 31 Dec 12 Civil Air Patrol Name, Seal, Logo, Command Emblem and Flag Etiquette



Pam  Date   Name
P39-3 Jun 10 Awards Made Easy
P50-4 5 Oct 15 Level 1 Orientation
P52-9  Apr 08 Cadet Great Start
P52-19  2 Oct 03 Cadet Advisory Council Guide
P60-11 1 Oct 18 Cadet Programs Officer Handbook
P60-12 Feb 18 Parents' Guide to the CAP Cadet Program
P60-15 Nov 19 Cadet Protection Policy Implementation Guide
P60-20 May 19 New Cadet Guide
P60-31 9 Nov 16 Cadet Staff Handbook
P60-33 5 Aug 16 Drill and Ceremonies
P60-50 Feb 18 Active Cadet Fitness Guide
P70-12 1 Oct 19 Pilot Onboarding
P151 Apr 09 Respect On Display
P265-2 Nov 14 FLIGHT TIME:  Values for Living-Character Development for CAP Cadets



Forms Date Name
F2 Aug 14 Request for Promotion Action
F2A Oct 08 Request for and Approval of Personnel Action
F5Q-A Mar 19 Airplane Questionnaire
F12 Feb 14 Application for Senior Membership
F15 Apr 16 Application for Cadet Membership
F60-80 Feb 18 Civil Air Patrol Cadet Activity Permission Slip
F60-91 Feb 18 Cadet Leadership Feedback - Phase I
F60-92 Feb 18 Cadet Leadership Feedback - Phase II
F60-93 Feb 18 Cadet Leadership Feedback - Phase III
F60-94 Feb 18 Cadet Leadership Feedback - Phase IV
F160 Jun 13 CAP Member Health History Form
F161 Jun 13 Emergency Information
F163 Jun 13 Permission for Provision of Minor Cadet Over-The-Counter Medication


Rocky Mountain Region

Supplement Date Name
OI18-1  27 Aug 19 Financial Management Procedure-Travel
OI18-2 27 Mar 18  Credit Cards  Operating Instruction
R70-1 14 Aug 19 Civil Air Patrol Flight Management Supplement 1


Supplement Date Name
R 62-2 2 Feb 19  Mishap Reporting and Review Supplement 1
R 66-1 1 Feb 19   CAP Aircraft Maintenance Management  Supplement 1
R173-1 29 Oct 19  Financial Management Procedure  Supplement 1


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