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Captain Erik Eichner joined CAP as a cadet in 2008. As a cadet he advanced to the cadet rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He held all positions up to Cadet Commander. As a Cadet he earned many Emergency Services qualifications Mission Radio Operator, Urban Direction Finding Team, Ground Team Member, Ground Team Leader, and Ground Branch Director. During his cadet career, Capt Eichner attended 3 Encampments and National Blue Barret. As a cadet he achieved 2 Commanders Commendation awards for actions at a SAREval and for his term as CAC Wing Chair. In 2017 Capt Eichner aged out of the Cadet Program and moved into the Senior Program. 3 months into being a senior member he was appointed Butte Flight Commander under the Gallatin Composite Squadron. Not to long after with the help of his staff, the Butte Flight became Butte Composite Squadron. Capt Eichner currently serves Civil Air Patrol as MT Wings Emergency Services Officer assistant, Butte Composite Squadrons Commander and Emergency Services Officer.

Commander's Statement

My vision is for the Butte Composite Squadron to continue to grow and advance our education and training as well as to increase our presence in our community. We have many opportunities for our members to grow as leaders of the future and to give back to many others before them. Our organization is volunteer but provides the members with self achievement, selfless service, and a purpose to help those around them. I will work endlessly to help my unit grow and push forward. Together as a team we will change lives of so many and be the leaders we were meant to be.

Semper Vigilans - DSNP


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